Siddhirganj 335MW Combined Cycle Power Plant, Siddhirganj, Naraynganj, Bangladesh

1.1             Project:           Siddhirganj 335MW Combined Cycle Power Plant, Siddhirganj, Narayanganj, Bangladesh.

            Contractor:     ISOLUX CORSÁN, Spain

 1.3.1 Conveyor Logistics Limited (CLL) was employed to receive cargo at Ports of Entry, inland transportation by road and river transport and delivery at site. For some Heavy-lift cargo, such as, the GE Gas Turbine (GT) weighing 280Ton, GE Gas Turbine Generator (GTG) weighing 222Ton, IP and HP Steam Turbines (ST), CLL was responsible for placement of individual equipment packages on respective pedestals.

1.3.2 The SoW also included transportation of 15 units of about 26.5-meter long and about 5-meter wide HRSG modules, weights ranging between 110 Tons and 200 Tons from Mongla Port to temporary storage locations in the lay-down area for delivery at plant site at later date when site was ready.

1.3.3 HLs and ODCs were received from mother vessels at Mongla Port on flat barges and were transported by river from Mongla to Siddhirganj. The HL and OD cargos were unloaded from barges by RORO method and hauled to project site by SPMT.

1.3.4 For unloading cargos from barges by RORO method, CLL had constructed a 800Ton capacity Temporary Jetty on the bank of Sitalakhya River at Siddirganj, adjacent to Food Silo, which was about 1km from the plant site.

1.3.5 1100Ton capacity Gantry Crane was used for lifting and placement of GT, GTG and STs on respective equipment pedestals.

1.3.6 15 units of 26.5-meter long and 5-meter wide HRSG modules were unloaded from flat barges by RORO method using SPMT.




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