Contractor:     Harbin Electric International Company Ltd.


1.1.3) Conveyor Logistics Ltd. was employed to receive cargo at Ports of Entry (Mongla & Chittagong), inland transportation by road and river, and delivery at site. For Heavy-lift cargo,  especially Boiler Drum, weighing 199 Tons, Deaerator weighing 90 Tons and Stator Assembly weighing 195 Tons. Drum, Deaerator and Stator Assembly were received from mother vessel at Mongla Port.

1.1.4) HLs and ODCs were received from mother vessels at Mongla Port on flat barges named A&J, DB Grameen and DB Sarbik  were transported by river from Mongla to Balasighat. The HL and ODC were unloaded from barges by Indigenous method (Jacking & Skidding) to place it on 18 Axel line Goldhofer HMT and hauled to project site by HMT. 

1.1.5) For unloading cargo from barges by Skidding method, CLL had constructed and develop a 900 Ton capacity Temporary Jetty and 60MX40M laydown area on the bank of Old Brahmaputra River at Balasighat-Gaibandha, which Roadway distance is about 102 KM far away  from the existing power station project. 

1.1.6) In Balasighat, the main challenge was the river water level which only comes to the jetty for almost 20 days in the monsoon time and rest of year it is fully dried. So CLL had to construct the jetty before monsoon in accordance to the previous history of water level data and analysis of the water forecasting from Department of Hydrography of Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority. It must be noted that in dry season the river water goes back almost 1 KM from the jetty location. 

1.1.7) To transit the Barges with HL cargo, entire river way distance is about 590 KM and the route was against the river water heavy current. So we had to deploy more capacity Tug boats for the barge hauling against the hefty water wave which had taken almost 20 days from Mongla Port to Balasi ghat jetty. 

1.1.8) CLL successfully did the river way transportation in a very safe manner on time.

1.1.9 Cargos were received on Hydraulic Modular Trailer (HMT) from Barges at the temporary jetty located at Balasi Ghat and were delivered to the plant site located about 102 km away from Balasighat at Barapukuria, Parbatipur, Dinajpur., Bangladesh. 

1.1.10) For 102 KM from jetty to plant site there were almost 20 nos. bridges and culverts where 6 nos. long bridges with various long spans were evaluated as very weak by Bangladesh Roads & Highways and Bridges Department (RHD) to carry such a HL cargo by using 18 axel line HMT. So there was an embargo from RHD to pass these cargo from Balasi Ghat to Power Plant site. Then CLL Civil Engineering department calculated the bridge strength calculation and conducted load test for the entire bridges and finally reached in a conclusion that 30 Axel line HMT would be safe way to transport over those weak bridges and for one weak culvert CLL must place steel bridge transporter on it.

1.1.11) For specific bridges, HMT converted into 30 AXLE lines from 18 AXLE lines before passing the bridge and after passing over each and every bridge then again converted 30 AXLE lines to 18 AXLE lines.

1.1.12) Each Cargo movement were taken 7 days to reach from Balasi Ghat jetty to Project site


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